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  • HI I am new in this platform,however i am currently a Client Liaison Officer of Mechanical engineering company and dealing with sales and marketing of the whole Company ,I market and sell services of the company.I had experience is selling products but not services ,is is possible to get a certificate after doing a certain course in line with what i am currently doing ???

    kindly assist
    BD&O are Building Services Engineers and Project managers. We eliminate all the Client's risks in the design, installation and maintenance of the building services in a building. Our specialist designs and management techniques help our Clients realise a better Return on Investment on their properties.
  • I was sent to this website by my case worker at Service Canada and was told the courses should be free, ones like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. But they all seem to be hundreds of dollars?
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  • I think I miss read because I thought that these courses were free :(
    • Char Sparks commented
      when you register for your first course you often are assigned a promo code which gives you a significant amount off your first course.
    • Rosalie Robison commented
      I, too, was told by a former job coach that these programs were free of charge.
    • Heather Fox commented
      Yes, one is lead to believe initially that the courses are free, however the realistic side of me knows that nothing in this world is ever free.
    • Kaylynn Caldwell commented
      Some courses on CoursePark ARE free, depending on where you are accessing them from. For example, Online Skills NS offers free courses on here for residents of Nova Scotia, but you still need a CoursePark registration to get access to them. If you know what to Google or who you are trying to access the courses through, Try doing a web search and accessing CoursePark through them, instead of Coursepark itself.
  • Hi..
    im new on this side, and im currenty working as an ICT Technitian intern on smartboard I need to get the Smartboard certificate in oder to apply and train other people, how do I get the free certificate here online.
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  • Bev Bailey shared
    I have little experience in human resources however I am interested in doing a few courses that may help me to apply for jobs that I have come upon in my current career

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  • Sylvia Fojo shared
    Estoy buscando cursos de educador certificado smartboard
  • Hi
    I'm international educated nurses, I would like to find any courses can help to prepare for the license Exam and improve my English.
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  • I am looking for training and information on self help on self esteem
    • Hi Jennifer. Sorry for the delay. By using the Search feature in the top banner, I found this course "Managing from Within: Self-empowerment"
  • Alma Lokmer shared
    How can I access the eight modules of "Bringing the Code of Ethics to Life"?
    • Wow. I missed this question. Sorry. Were you able to locate and register for NurseOne program?
  • how do i get to the online workshop "overview of skills development and employment benefits"