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  • You have to be patient and keep going if you want to get a successful nursing carreer
    You have to be patient and keep going - Prepare For Canada
    In Peru, the highest position a nurse can reach is in the operation room, Adela Belisario believed Canada would be a perfect place for her to continue her professional development. Before immigrating, she researched the Canadian healthcare system and concluded there were great opportunities for nurses.
  • RPNAO Spring 2014 magazine. Adela Belisario on the cover
  • No you haven't gone back in time...we've gone back to our tried and true brand for our Nursing offering! No changes for you....still the site you know and love!
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  • If you change the way you look at things...the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer
    • Zarah Ballelos commented
      so true. the power of our practically changes the world around us.
  • Are you ever too old to provide care for others? What do you think?
    Q&A: Do my employers think I'm too old?
    I'm nearing my 50th birthday, and I'm worried my employer may think I'm getting too old to keep up with my duties or stay on top of the latest procedures and technological advances. How can I make sure no one thinks it's time to "put me out to pasture?"
    • Robschi robschi commented
      Personally, I don't think 50 is too old. In fact, when I graduated nursing school (at 30), I graduated with an LPN that had returned for her RN and she was 50 then!
    • Joyce Allen commented
      I am 58 and still working full time as a RN/unit care coordinator, putting in 40++ hours every week. My employer prefers experience that comes with age. We have one nurse older than me and she is still working full time on the floor as a staff nurse.
    • Trisha Coady commented
      I think it's more about work one point out of 50 staff in Neonatal ICU, I was the only nurse under 40!
  • The top 10 things nurses learn on the job!
    The top 10 things you've learned on the job
    The day has finally come: You've graduated from nursing school, passed the NCLEX and finally landed a killer job. Now comes the tough/awesome/rewarding part-actually working as a nurse! When you're just starting out, it can be tough to know who to listen to and what advice is actually relevant to you.
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  • Some pointers for the newbies (docs and nurses!):
    WEGO Health #NHBPM: Dear Newbie
    Today's WEGO Health prompt: Advice for new doctors or nurses (Bonus Prompt) This post could be lengthy. I'll try to keep it succinct and memorable. For new doctors: 1) You should have completed nursing school first. (Sorry, couldn't resist...) 2) Experienced nurses know more than new doctors about how medicine works in the real world.
  • Please give your input on this's about employer-mandated influenza vaccination:
    Does "Protection" Lead to Risky Behaviors?
    No, this post is not about condoms...whatever the title may bring to mind. This is about vaccination. Specifically, mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers at hospitals and other facilities.
    • Barbara Wallerton commented
      I for one have always had my vaccines regularly so I believe that this would have no effect on a person like myself, but a great article none the less.
    • Pam Watters commented
      I also have also always had my regular vaccines and it does not affect my standard of care, but this was a very interested post. Thanks Jessica!
    • Robschi robschi commented
      As the flu vac isn't infalliable, I don't think that it would lead to riskier behaviors. Vaccine or not, I still don't want someone coughing or sneezing in my face!
  • Anyone looking for easy-to-download brain sheets?
    Nurse Brain Sheets
    We asked you for your best brain sheets, and you delivered! Here are the best of the best. Click each image to download a PDF version to print and email to your team. If you'd like to share your own brain sheet with the Scrubs magazine community, or would like to have a Word version of any of these brain sheets, please contact us!
  • Here are top CE courses for CNAs!
    Top CE courses for CNAs
    Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) spend countless hours tending to the nitty-gritty of patient care, especially in this age of healthcare, when paperwork and other duties pull nurses away from the bedside. Several states, including Florida, Delaware and California, require CNAs to earn continuing education credits each year.
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