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  • A reminder to not use these abbreviations in our handwritten charting!
    Do Not Use Abbreviations
    (for HANDWRITTEN charting and orders, including on pre-printed forms) Q.D., QD, q.d., qd (daily) Q.O.D., QOD, q.o.d, qod (every other day) Mistaken for each other, and periods mistaken for other letters such as O or I Write intended phrase out fully Trailing zero (X.0 mg) Lack of leading zero (.X mg) Period is missed Write X mg Write 0.X mg.
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  • Hi Everyone, there's an updated User Guide available at the link below. Enjoy!!
  • If you came here to the Board from seeing our post on Facebook SVN site, comment under this post with your hospital/facility name and location...we want to know who we are talking to! And WELCOME!
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  • Hey all...has anyone been through a perfusionist program recently? What can you tell me about the schooling?
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  • From SVN President: This coming year we will continue to partner more creatively, strive for innovation; particularly in areas to increase our income, add more online learning courses and expand our scientific role with guidelines and publications. As SVN takes on new challenges and seeks opportunities we will be guided by our longstanding belief that as nurses, we are at the forefront of patient care and possess an influential voice. Together we can help improve the outcomes for individuals with vascular diseases by providing earlier access to diagnosis, provide education and management of risk factors all in an effort to enhance quality of life. ~Marge Lovell,
    Society for Vascular Nursing - PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE
    SVN's 30th Anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on our past successes and look at our vision for the future. Thirty years ago Jeanne Doyle hosted a small group of "self proclaimed vascular nurses" who had a dream of finding vascular nurses from across the country to promote awareness of vascular diseases.
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      I think it's GREAT that SVN is providing and emphasizing online learning convenient!
  • HI to all people out there! What's goin on in your world? Had a hard day the other day...but keepin on, keepin on.
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      Hi Shaquela, thanks for checking in with us! Sorry you had a bad day!
  • Feel like a juggler in a 3-ring circus sometimes?
    Nurse: Are You An Expert Juggler?
    One thing to remember about nursing: the patients are not the hardest part. Nursing, especially the hands-on specialties, is an ongoing juggling act of the desires and needs of the patient, the rules of the institution and standards of care, the orders of the docs, and our own personal perception of what's REALLY going on.
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  • Coag Lab Values for quick reference...important for all our vascular patients!
    Lab Values, Coagulation
    Lab Values, Coagulation February 8, 2012 By Trisha RN COAGULATION NORMALS SI UNITS
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      Awesome...maybe I'll post this in the break room too...
  • Hematology Lab Reference just for your!
    Lab Values, Hematology
    Lab Values, Hematology February 8, 2012 By Trisha RN HEMATOLOGY NORMALS SI UNITS Red blood cells (RBC) 4.2-6.2 million/mm3 4.2-6.2 1012/L White blood cells (WBC) 4,000-10,800 cells/mm3 4.0-10.8 x 109/L Bands < 5% .03-0.08 Basophils < 1% < 0.01 Platelets 140,000-400,000/mm3 140-400 x 109/L Estimated sedimentation rate (ESR) Male: < 13 mm/hr Female: < 20 mm/hr same
  • So, who else is in here to talk to? SVN members need to speak up...let's talk blood!
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      Hi Shaquela! I'm admin for the site and so happy to see your post. Keep up the engagement; it's great to see!!
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      Welcome! I'm also one of the admins, and will be posting information, articles, etc. for everyone to discuss!