About Us

CoursePark® is a cloud based learning management solution. It was developed by Bluedrop Performance Learning (TSX-V: BPL) in response to an overwhelming need to simplify learning for employees and improve overall performance of corporations. A pioneer in eLearning for 20 years, Bluedrop used pragmatic thinking, advanced technology, and the world’s best content to develop CoursePark. It has emerged as a bold and accessible answer to widespread dissatisfaction with the Learning Management System (LMS) industry. CoursePark continues to rapidly evolve to meet the larger needs and demands of learning communities everywhere. With more than 5000 online courses available, the range of topics covers everything from MS Excel to Leadership to Health and Safety. Companies can quickly build their own courses from PowerPoint, add questions to test comprehension, deploy and assign the courses, and track the results. CoursePark is quickly advancing personal and corporate learning cultures and fueling career empowerment. In CoursePark, individuals exist separate from the employer as they build and maintain their lifelong Learning Profile. Employers can design and maintain a full training program that delivers performance improvement — in minutes versus months. Why CoursePark will Change the World Since the launch in early 2011, almost 50,000 users in 100 countries have registered for CoursePark. The platform delivers powerful yet remarkably intuitive and accessible informal and formal learning opportunities. Its flexible approach is transforming careers and enterprises. Hundreds of companies have set up learning networks to build and/or purchase online courses for employees. Global organizations that reach external individuals or companies have selected CoursePark to avoid building another learning silo. Small businesses, not for profit and industry associations are engaged. There is something for everyone. To cultivate stronger organizations and true learning cultures, you start with the individual, not the company. This revolutionary idea forms the basis of how CoursePark has helped tens of thousands of individual workers consolidate their learning. In one place. For life. CoursePark will change the world by changing the way the world learns.