Have you been waiting days, months, or years to get a full-time teaching position within your hometown? Kayla Baisley Landry didn’t want to wait around after graduating from six years of university. So she left Miramichi, New Brunswick and is now teaching in Anzac, but prior to teaching there she taught in the isolated community of Fort Chipewyan, AB. She chose to move to a more Northern part of Canada because there were no jobs available teaching in New Brunswick. “There are many jobs out west for teachers,” says Landry.

Kayla has been teaching in isolation for five years now and really enjoys it. “Teaching in Anzac is not a lot different than teaching in New Brunswick other than it being very cold during the winters. The schools in Alberta are never closed for cold weather or storm days. Classrooms in isolated communities can be very challenging though. Often times in isolated communities behaviour and low academics can be considered an issue; however, in Anzac I do not face many of these challenges,” states Mrs. Landry.

She thinks that teaching in isolation is a wonderful experience! Kayla believes once you have completed a couple of years in isolation you will have few issues with classroom management and excel in differentiated instruction. She feels once you have taught in a community like this, you can teach just about anywhere because it does provide some great experience.

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