This is a picture in relation to "Low Cost Learning for Small Business"There is no “I” in team, even though some people think there is. The only way you’ll see an “I” in team is if you do the bubble letters and you look at the “A”, but that doesn’t count because it’s simply a font and nothing more.

If you have employees on your team that think the business can’t function without them or they don’t want to share the rolls with anyone else, it’s time to do something about that person before it’s too late. Here are a few tips to help you fix this problem.

For some people they don’t even realize they’re acting in this manner so a simple talk will solve the problem. It’s possible they’ve done it for so long that it’s become second nature to them, so they don’t see they’re doing anything wrong. The best thing to do in this situation is to pull them aside and explain what they’re doing and how you want things done. When you do it calm and tastefully they’ll be more willing to change than they would if you blow up at them and embarrass them in public.

Now if you have people that try to be that ìIî in team and no matter what you do they won’t stop, then other actions will need to be taken to solve this problem. One solution may be to pull them from the team and put them on tasks that only require one person. This way you know problems will end and the work will get done in a timely manner. You may find all it takes is one time of working on their own for them to stop or you may have to continue with this method.

If you still have problems or you find you don’t have tasks that require one person, then further action may be required. As a last resort you could reprimand this person or if it continues to happen you may have to either suspend the person or let them go. While this may be a hard decision for you to make, if the problem persists this may be the only option you have.

It’s important to remember your business must run smoothly or you won’t have success. When you have people that continually try to put an ìIî in team, the only alternative is to use these suggestions to stop it from continuing. Once you do you’ll find your team will work well together and everything will be done correctly and on time.