Protecting yourself and your employees is important and when you do what you can to make it happen you’ll feel better about things. There are so many things you can do to protect yourself and your employees such as safety training and a safe work environment, but there are other things as well.

One of the things you should do to help protect your employees is to offer blood tests to check cholesterol levels. High cholesterol can cause a number of health problems that could result in loss time or even death. When you help your employees by offering these tests at a lower cost or you even pay for them as a business expense you’ll find things will be a lot better for you. Your employees will be able to manage it if they’re number are high and if they’re good then they’ll know what they’re doing is correct and they need to keep going with it.

High cholesterol can cause many health issues such as a stroke, coronary heart disease, and a heart attack to name a few. When you have the knowledge and a plan you can lower your cholesterol and lower your chances of having one of these problems. After these tests are completed and the results have been given to the employee, it’s a good idea to help them solve any problems that may have been found during the tests. You’ll want to encourage them to see a doctor so a plan can be created to help them get their cholesterol under control. If your employees are ok, then you don’t need to do anything unless you choose to reward them for their good work.

Another test you need to consider is a cancer screening. While nobody wants to have this done, it’s one you should have done if you have any doubt at all. Age, family history, and lifestyle are all things that could cause doubt, so it’s a good idea to recommend this test to your employees. You’ll need to find out how you handle this one as it’s not something you can have done in your office. You can offer to pay for this one or you can work out an agreement with the doctor to pay for a percentage or specific dollar amount.

A health fair is another way to help your employees. During these types of tests, blood is drawn and a number of tests are conducted. This will give your employees the big picture as far as their health goes and will help them to determine if they’re in good shape or if they have areas to work on. You can have these conducted on location or you can send your employees to a clinic or doctors office for the tests.

When you monitor the health of your employees everyone wins. You’ll have healthy employees working for you which means you won’t have to worry about illnesses or sick employees. When you help them cover the costs they’ll likely have the tests done.