leading the orgOngoing learning, exploring, making a sustainable positive difference, paying it forward, and developing others are in our DNA here at Get Your BIG On. We do research all the time, whether it’s fact-finding for something we’re writing, creating content for a development session or speech, or working for a client. We see lots of worthy material while doing our work (what a delightful perk!), so we’re sharing the highlights via our “Leadership Friday Favs,” a short-cut to information you may not have the time to look up but might be interested in knowing.

Our Friday leadership favorites are an eclectic collection of articles, blog posts, quotes, pod casts and whatever else engages our interest. Some items are recent, others aren’t. Some are mainstream, others are off the beaten path. Enjoy! Be inspired! Lead BIG!

Leadership Friday Favs 3.30.12

The Future of Leadership is Not About You (Jamie Notter on Switch & Shift)

Science and research shows us that systems will perpetuate themselves. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it isn’t. Jamie makes the solid case that’s it’s time for leadership to change. The BIG team agrees that “the future of leadership requires some new thinking.” (A good companion piece on the same site is On the Brink of Extinction by Susan Mazza.)

Leaders, Change What You Pay Attention To (Chris Edmonds on Cool Culture)shifting.paradigms

What gets measured, recognized and rewarded is what gets done. Chris challenges leaders to expand the sphere of where they focus. “Great bosses create safe and positive workplaces that inspires high performance and values alignment.”

Toot Your Own Horn 101 – The Reframe (Anne Perschel on Germane Consulting)

Telling the truth isn’t bragging, and self-promotion is a tool that must be in everyone’s toolkit, whether male or female. Anne offers a reframing tip, shifting the focus from yourself to “paying it forward and creating epiphanies of scale.”

Creating A Culture That Promotes Problem-Solving Delegation (Tanveer Naseer)

Tanveer offers up four tips for leaders to ensure that they are being effective delegators who create a culture that “encourages your employees to be active participants in your organization’s problem-solving process.”

Why We Self-Sabotage–Are You Doing It Too? (Christine Comaford on Forbes)

Feel like you’re running hard yet not getting anywhere? Christine suggests the reason might be the “subconscious tug o’war we all experience between our desires and our ecology.”

Let us be the water. “Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.” ~Margaret Atwood

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