CourseParkThere are often times when you may feel bored at work. Many jobs don’t keep you busy all the time as workloads may fluctuate. Here are five ways to beat boredom at work that also help pass the time productively.

1. Ask your colleagues if they have any work you can do to help make their job a little easier. If someone has been sick and has taken time off work, they would be the first people to ask. Their work may have piled up and, even though they’re back at work, they may still not be performing at peak efficiency and would certainly appreciate some help to catch up.

2. If they don’t have extra work and their job is different to yours, ask if you can watch them work so you can learn more about what they actually do. This may benefit both you and them down the track. If you run out of work and they’re sick, you may be able to pitch in and do some of their work while they’re away. It may also give you an opportunity to change jobs down the track.

3. Another way to occupy your time is to do some of the mundane things that don’t often get done. These can include filing, cleaning of your office, sorting through long lists of emails you may not have had time to reply to and other similar tasks.

Most people prioritize their work and the mundane jobs are usually always pushed to the bottom of the list when you get really busy. Perhaps your office needs to be rearranged so the space can be better utilized. Maybe you can create some extra files for the times when you need them but don’t have time to make them.

4. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of experience in some aspect of your job. You could always take some extra time to practice that particular skill so you can improve your ability in that area. It could be using a specific computer program.

It may be using some other type of tool. Perhaps you need to go through the work handbook again and read information that you may have forgotten or simply not remembered clearly enough. Some jobs require an in-depth amount of knowledge to do them properly. Insurance, banking, legal work and accountancy are just a few examples where you can keep on learning in your spare time.

5. Go for a walk outside to stretch your legs and get some much needed exercise. The fresh air can stimulate your mind and make you think more clearly. Then you can come back inside again and you’ll probably think of other tasks that can be done because you have taken that short time out.

These are only five ways to beat boredom at work. If you enjoy your job, there’s always something you can find to keep yourself occupied.