Employee Training In 2011

The process of developing a strategic human resources management (HRM) plan allows businesses of any size to better understand the human resources available to them, determine what human resources they will need, decide how to best use the human resources at their disposal, and develop a system to ensure human resources needs are sufficiently covered.

1. Identify both opportunities and problems that can affect your HRM plan. Consider the business environment, upcoming projects, potential drops in revenue, and anything else that may affect how many employees you’ll need and be able to hire.

2. Consider your current and future demand for human resources. Look at the quantity of employees you will need as well as the job functions they’ll have to perform. Finding a concrete number is nearly impossible, but estimating projected human resource needs will help you create a more effective HRM plan.  If necessary, provide online training opportunities to ready employees to step into positions with more responsibility.

3. Analyze the human resources you have available. Look at the strengths and skills of current employees, as well as their weaknesses. This will help you to better place each employee in a position to achieve their best and avoid problems that might arise when an employee is put into a position for which he has no aptitude. Consider your business environment, space and company culture as well to see how you can best use all of the available resources you have on hand.

4. Create a plan to mesh the demand for human resources with the human resources you have available. If the demand is greater than the supply, you’ll need to determine how to fill that gap and find the additional resources you need. This may mean authorizing overtime hours, using contract or temporary workers, or hiring new employees. If you have more employees than you need, you’ll have to look for options to help you reduce the workforce in some way. This might involve early retirements, layoffs or even terminations.

Developing a strategic human resources management plan will help you more effectively and efficiently meet the needs your business has for qualified employees who can fulfill their job functions successfully. If you’re struggling with your HRM plan, there are eLearning opportunities available to help you improve your skills and create a better plan.