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  • Sylvia Fojo shared
    Estoy buscando cursos de educador certificado smartboard
  • Hi
    I'm international educated nurses, I would like to find any courses can help to prepare for the license Exam and improve my English.
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  • I am looking for training and information on self help on self esteem
    • Hi Jennifer. Sorry for the delay. By using the Search feature in the top banner, I found this course "Managing from Within: Self-empowerment"
  • Alma Lokmer shared
    How can I access the eight modules of "Bringing the Code of Ethics to Life"?
    • Wow. I missed this question. Sorry. Were you able to locate and register for NurseOne program?
  • how do i get to the online workshop "overview of skills development and employment benefits"
  • Are there any courses on mechanics? Simple stuff like changing oil or alternator belt, things of that nature.
  • how do I get back my saved application ..this is so stressful!
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      Hey Janice! Your course is located under My CoursePark and Courses. You can get to any Learning Networks you may be a part of by going to My CoursePark, Scrolling down a little bit and on the left side you will see a list of them.
  • Josh Best shared
    Welcome to all you new users from the weekend! If you have any questions, post them here or write me directly by clicking my picture and hitting the email button!
    • Brad Gables commented
      I love the new search function! It's finally easier to find what I'm looking for
    • Steve Pardy commented
      Can't seem to add a course to my LN, what's going on?
    • Josh Best commented
      We're checking it out, I'll let you know when this gets fixed
  • Josh Best shared
    How to Evaluate Your Orientation Program
    How to Evaluate Your Orientation Program
    All new employees feel strange when they start a new job. They're coming into an alien environment and, despite how much you have told them, they really don't know what to expect. Understanding how to evaluate your orientation program is critical to the ongoing success of all new staff.
    • Fernande Albert commented
      ou trouver le cours dàgent de revision
    • Josh Best commented
      pour Elections NB? Contactez Craig Astle pour une invitation à ce Learning Network
  • Josh Best shared
    Today's CoursePark Blog!
    A World of Workers at Your Fingertips—Literally
    There was a time when small businesses, in particular, were limited to the recruits they could find by the labor pool in their own region. Thankfully, that's not the case any more. Today, the Internet puts a world of workers at even the smallest business owners fingertips. Literally.
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