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  • how do i get to the online workshop "overview of skills development and employment benefits"
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  • where do I find the application to get funned into school?
  • Alma Lokmer shared
    How can I access the eight modules of "Bringing the Code of Ethics to Life"?
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  • Are there any courses on mechanics? Simple stuff like changing oil or alternator belt, things of that nature.
  • Sylvia Fojo shared
    Estoy buscando cursos de educador certificado smartboard
  • I am looking for training and information on self help on self esteem
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  • I am looking for training in Excel for multiple staff members.
  • Salim gest shared
    pleas; could you add cours in excel and access.
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  • Steve Pardy shared
    This is very insightful...
    Three Reasons It's Still Important to Dress for Success
    The term "dress for success" was first used by author John Malloy in the 1970s in his book by the same name. The phrase has come to mean paying attention to your clothing, personal care and general appearance in an effort to make a good first impression.
    • Jim Roemmich commented
      I signed to take the WHIMIS course you took the money and then don't let us register for that course
    • Arlene Michelin commented
      Jim did you get this worked out? I'm trying to register for that course as well, but am having difficulties :(
  • Robyn Neill shared
    Is there any courses or documentation available for training admins in CoursePark and using its features to its full potential?
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